Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning in the 21st Century

Paul Labiner, Esq.

Paul Labiner, Esq.

Managing Partner

Mar 18, 2021

The world of estate planning is not the same in 2021 as it was in 1921, or even 1990 for that matter. Federal and state laws have changed, financial institutions have changed, the complexity of documents and instruments has changed, technology has changed.

And yet, many people still think that all they need to protect their generation wealth is a will.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that a simple last will and testament will provide the necessary mechanisms for asset protection, tax mitigation, and wealth transfer that today’s world demands.

So, let’s take a dive into the current estate planning landscape, look at some critical estate planning strategies, and identify what it takes to create a comprehensive estate plan for the modern, 21st-century family.

Now Is the Perfect Time!

If you’re unsure whether your estate plan is sufficient to shield your assets, preserve your wealth, and protect your family, now is the time to find out. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let us help you create a comprehensive estate plan that’s tailored to your unique family and financial circumstances. 

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