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How Titling of Assets Impacts Your Estate Plan

Paul Labiner, Esq.

Paul Labiner, Esq.

Managing Partner

Oct 27, 2020

Very few people give the attention to asset titling that it deserves. And yet, how your assets are titled has huge implications on the transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, the imposition of taxes, and the overall cohesion of your estate plan.

To take just one example, many people don’t fully grasp that jointly titled assets will transfer to the joint owner regardless of what your will says. Other assets behave similarly, overruling your will. It’s important to understand these facts as you create your network of documents that will become your estate plan, so that you actually accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

Create a Cohesive Plan with Us

Estate plans are not a single document, nor are they a one-and-done creation. They are interwoven nexus of documents that should be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure everything is still up to date. This is especially true in instances where trust planning is a large component of the overall financial blueprint. Regular maintenance allows you to make sure all of your assets are properly titled and transferred into the correct trusts and that the entire network of documents continues to work seamlessly.

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