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Below you will find our collection of articles, posts, and stories on key aspects of estate planning law, wills and trusts, and generational wealth management here in Florida. But don’t forget to check out our video page as well!

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2022 “Dirty Dozen” Tax Fraud Scams

2022 “Dirty Dozen” Tax Fraud Scams

Collectively, Americans lose millions of dollars and troves of invaluable personal data to scams. Tax season, in particular, is prime time for scammers, fraudsters, and those looking to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense. Scams are...



Legal Lexicon: What Does “Per Stirpes” Mean?

Legal Lexicon: What Does “Per Stirpes” Mean?

In every field there are words and phrases that will be foreign to industry outsiders. This is especially true of the legal world. Some words are unintelligible because they are professional terms of art with meanings that differ from the word’s...

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